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September 01, 2006


Evelyn Monroe Neill

Ahhhh the mother thing - it's HUGE! When I had my first child I was a creative director at Wieden & Kennedy working on a lot of international stuff and cool stuff. We travelled all the time and we were loving it - all of us. I never saw the problem coming (no comments on my preparedness and foresight, please!)So I was absolutely blindsided by the change this little 8 pound thing had wrought.

I wasn't willing to hang out anymore. I wasn't wiling to just be there. If there was work to be done, count me in. If not, I was out of there. But I felt so guilty.

One day I was talking to Dan Wieden and he asked me how I was. I told him I was leaving at 5:00 when I could and I felt really guilty about it. He cracked up.

He just asked me if I was doing good work. I said I was. And he said, "I don't give a fuck." (We all said "fuck" a lot back then.)

You know when you're doing good work. You know when you're valuable to a company. Make yourself valuable to a company. Do good work. Enjoy the work. Keep your eyes on the prize as my friend Eve says. And it will work out. I have two kids and was an ECD in my last position. Anyone who knows me knows I go home when I can. As for the balance - when the juggling isn't worth it any more, when the joy's gone or very musty - quit. That's my credo. It has worked for me.

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