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March 04, 2006


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OK. Way to use angles on a board in a new and different way (Pat on the back). But does she NEED to be in a bikini? Really? Not only is she in a bikini, she's standing on the side of the ROAD in a bikini. Is she hitchhiking? What's going on? They could have at least put her on a beach. Or infront of an ocean. Or poolside. Then the bathing suit would have made some sense. Right now it just seems like another excuse to get a half naked women on a huge board. Which I'm not so sure women respond to.


(I really did mean cool way to use angles - love that. Just the bikini part that irks me)


I'd agree on the gratuitous use of the bikini. Interesting that something that so many women hate to be in (no matter what their size or shape) is what SlimFast chose to use to make their point.

Naomi Cook

Interesting, and also unsurprisingly effective. We do it to ourselves.


so the post from pias escapes trial by fire-but not the slim fast woman wearing the aspirational bikini? is it because the pias stuff showcases a guy as well? What if slim fast has board with a man in a thong or something?

Speaking directly to the association with the brand-isn't the direct product benefit to slim your body fast? what better way to showcase that then highlighting someone who apparently has done so (or at least taken care of themselves)?

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