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March 22, 2006


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Overall, I just wanted to say, I like the site, and the discussion content.
A couple of comments.
One, I wish it didn't look so much like Bryan Chiao's Rm.116 blog. This is supposed to be a new forum for women so to use someone else's template seems a little derivative. Maybe you had to because of the Adcenter, just saying, it could be even better, and hopefully will in tthe future.
Two, don't go making sweeping generalizations about agencies and the ad world especially since (according to your bios) none of you even work in it full time yet. It will be too easy for people to dismiss your comments no matter how good or insightful they are. Some examples would be the men working on women's products comments and how bad th advertising is. I've worked at two agencies where both genders work on feminine hygiene products, most of the copy is written by the client and crafted by focus groups. Some of the worst and best work for that category has been done by men. This is just one example but there are more on here, I promise.

Keep on keeping on. It's good to keep us old white men on our toes just don't do it through denigration.

Good luck and best wishes.


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