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April 24, 2006


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empowerment is swell and all, but it has its applications.
dancing around because "you still want people to know..." seems forced and horrifically unappealing for the brand.
but, i'm a guy.

knitting sweaters?
mariachi bands?
do women respond well to this work?

can't wait for that microsite.


I was kind of turned off by watching this.

This is a reaction to many, many years of "embarassment over my period" ads. Now they've gone too far the other way.

Too bad. I think this ad category could be taken in some very interesting directions.


I love these commercials. They are BRILLIANT!!! It's about time that American advertising gets a punch of smarts. Why is it that traditionally American advertising is so stale and boring? In this day and age with TiVo, advertisers have to keep our attention on the tube if they want us to consume their products. This is a way to keep my attention, with smart advertising. Why do they keep saying we need to appeal to Peoria? Have you ever been to Peoria? I have, and they aren't as stupid as we are led to believe.

Yes, I admit this round of "spots" may come off as a bit edgy, but why not? It's about time we take the taboo out of the period. What about all of those commercials for Preparation H with the sufferers of the ailment sit skwirming in their chairs. Or the one with the woman doing the pee dance at the intersection because she has a bladder control problem, she's "gotta go"? How is that so different than this? The period is one of the most basic of human functions. Get over it and let it be. Have fun with advertising and let the sales tell the true story. People need to laugh and these commercials are just what the doctor ordered!


Whatever happened to these spots? They wre hilarious? Anyone out there know?


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