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May 11, 2006


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I do have to wonder, though...do these particular ladies "look like hell?" Running mascara? I see artistically smokey eyes. Sweat? I see some really lovely shimmer makeup on one of the women in the back. Dunno, but I don't feel the grit of a good work out here at all. I see women that were made up to be beautiful for a photoshoot, because women who work out "look like hell."


what does the whole thing say? its impossible to read.

Jenn Totten

Sorry, Kira! Here's the copy.

In the real world ladies aren't supposed to look like hell and wear skimpy clothes and blot their makeup with their shirt. But here things are different. My mascara is running / my knuckles are covered with eye shadow / and no one judges me. Or thinks my pelvic thrusts are some kind of mating call. And no one tells me what to do / although the mirror points out that my bra straps are showing.

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