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May 10, 2006


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S.H. is a self-absorbed, self-proclaimed advertising legend, who most everyone agrees, never did any good work to begin with.

Enough already. There are so many women who have actually done good work, and not just been on the circuit telling everybody how good they are. Where is Janet Champ and Charlotte Moore when you need them?

nancy vonk

I don't think there's anything uglier than a woman trying to tear down another woman, on a site for women no less. Take a deep breath, Samantha, next time you've got the knife out, and think about what you're doing. Sally has won more awards and accomplished far more than most of either gender in this business. We need more like her and way less like you.

charlotte moore

It's nice to be missed, but I'm really still there. And so is Janet. We've just chosen quieter paths maybe. She's where she's always been. And I'm in Italy. And we still work together. In fact, we had a book come out last year too on a subject that's very close to our hearts. It's called RIPE, and it can be purchased from Amazon. And if you'd like to know more see our blog, ripethemovement.blogspot.com. And that's probably the most promotion you'll see from us for a variety of complex personal and professional reasons.

Now. What I'm about to say, I say completely and utterly in Sally's defense. In today's world, to sell a book, to sell anything, you do have to sell yourself and your own image. Sally did what it takes to get her name out there and to get her book out there, and if you tracked sales on Amazon, the sales of her book were consistently better than the sales of ours. It's true, Janet and I are not big self-promoters. We don't much like it, and we're not comfortable with it. But that doesn't make us "better" than someone who is. Sally did what the world requires, unfortunately, to register a certain level of success. She marketed herself. It was a matter of choice, personal style, and cability. And if you check her blog, of late, it took a toll on her. So, clearly, whichever path we all take, there's a price to pay on the one hand, and an advantage on the other. Sally sold more books, got her message out into the world. But she also wore herself out in the herculean effort she made. Janet and I were more dedicated during the same time period, to personal callings, but our message which is an important one reached far fewer people.

Let's congratulate each other on the ability to make these difficult choices and live with them. Why not?

David Esrati

When I first read the "Radical Careering" manifesto in Creativity I made everyone in our shop read it. There are a lot of self-absorbed people in advertising (including Samantha above) but few that get the big picture. I've had the pleasure to work with Sally- and I can tell you two things:
She's human- just like the rest of us- working hard to get though life and making it meaningful and-
She's genuinely nice, and writes very smoothly, she knows her craft.
Advertising isn't the same business it was when I started, or when Sally started. I've adapted- and so has she. Read her stuff- you might learn something.

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