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October 16, 2006


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Claire: you're right, this biography was lengthy. But I read it anyway. Hope you're doing well. Andre says hi.


Nancy is a true pioneer for creatives. Her part in the early years at Fallon was part of the genesis for the second creative revolution. I've met her twice and found her to be nice but tough especially when she's looking at your book.

True story. She came to the Adcenter as a judge fo the Richmond Show in 1998. She was poking around the students desks and saw some ads that one of them had hanging around. She thought one was great and the other pretty darn good. She asked who's it was then she asked to see his portfolio. He showed her what he had which wasn't much. She hired him two weeks later. He was the first person in Adcenter history to get a job, three months before graduation.

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