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October 11, 2006


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Jenn Totten

That's awesome. Please post more of her work on here if you have any on hand...

Glad you overcame your nerves.


hi, how did you first get turned on by her work? and where can i see some?

Casey Rand

I first heard about Jureeporn in a Creativity Magazine. You can see her work at: http://www.positioningmag.com/adfest/adfest.html.

Just download the "Smooth E Baby Face Foam" spot. It's a four-part series, and you can watch the whole thing in one shot. If you've ever been to Thailand, you can totally feel Bangkok seeping through these ads, it's amazing.



Same link... minus the period.


She's great. I love her too. She presented her reel here in Manila in November 2003 for Ad Congress. She was very humble and grounded and very funny too. She knows her humor.

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