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December 04, 2006


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Capt. Henry "Ironsides" Livingston, II

Natural talent irrelevant? WOO HOO!

Talent is relevant. And so is natural ambition. Maybe moreso.


Loved the post.


Unfortunately the first post is half right. While a person doesn't need talent to become highly succesful in advertising, it is the talented people who last the longest, usually. By this I mean, there are thousands of BS artists in our business who get by for a while on this, but after a year or three most everyone around them realizes this and demand results or good work. These people usually hop agencies a lot. however their BS skills which are at it's core, good listening and communication skills are a talent. They can talk and sell crap while a good creative can come up with great ideas but not be able to sell them. It's the same in all businesses but very prevalent in ours. Of course, that's just my opinion and experience.

The second point I think is totally true. I believe if we don't point out the gender issue or race issue then it wouldn't exist. However, people on both sides are always insecure about themselves so they rely on that to make themselves feel better.

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