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April 02, 2009


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You say it perfectly with your title. We all are looking forward to riding bike like this... sure!

Obviously, this advert does not connect with women and it shows an unreal situation where woman appears like a stupid one.



I actually prefer to ride my bicycle in a dress and stilettos.


The ad makes no sense as it is utterly ridiculous unless the intention was to get the significant other spending.


The only thing this makes me want to shop for is PhotoShop.

Is it just me or is this actually a bra and boy-short panties...and not a bikini...which makes even less sense? Her hip dips are attractive, certainly, but it ain't from the cream, my friends.

It's simply: 1) genetics and 2) highly skilled airbrushing.

P.S. I use Clarins, too. The night cream and the Beauty Flash Balm. But this is serious bunk. Wow.

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