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February 15, 2010


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AGREED! What a missed opportunity. There are so many fun and interesting angles that should have been exploited, but talking dogs? I mean, after this did Princess walk over and shoot a commercial for Bush's Chili? Consider the ball dropped.


I totally agree with you: todays the canine route, yesterday the beaver route, ... moreover everything in this concept of business, the positioning, the insights and the campaign reminds me the JC Penney campaing “Beware of the Doghouse”: if you send your boyfriend to the doghouse and you decide to fire him, it's better to sell his gifts and keep man best friend: the dog.

Do you know if it there are any female inthe creative team?

Jenn Totten

Hm, I dont know...not even sure who is handling the account. But Ill see if I can dig it up.

S Diamond

Interesting post, but I have no idea why you don't think the business will last, aside from questionable media. Do you know something about divorce rates suddenly declining that I don't?

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