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July 12, 2011


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Interesting: We just read Erica Eden's article on Fast Co Design about this very issue:


Just because something is pink, doesn't mean that women will be interested. Quite the opposite, actually. The "Shrink it and Pink it" Rule underestimates the complexity of femininity, particularly in the realm of sports.

What's the solution? Should these types of commercials still be female specific?

We're not sure, but if we see another pink sports bra with glitter logos and pretty bows affixed to the sides, we may scream.

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There are guys in the background of some of the shots (answering the rhetorical question in the post).

Jenn Totten

I love this. That old spot is horrific...God bless the planners that set them straight on what it means to be a lady athlete.

Jen Stamps

I love it! I love that females athletes (both pro and amateur) are getting taken serious. Men aren't the only ones who box, run marathons, row, play soccer...we do too. We are tough and UA seems to understand that now!

sports bras

I really loved the "girl power" feel that it has to it. I really hate the fact that you need to try and look all girly and pretty when you work out real hard - I think it misses the whole point of the work out - which is getting some "me time" without having to make anyone like me. Great branding!

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